Contact or No Contact?

Hey folks, just a little post for today before the blog gets fully back underway tomorrow. I just wanted to mention about No Contact ordering.

I have been incredibility lucky recently and had a host of orders, however most have been what Stampin’ Up!® call No Contact Orders, where customers have selected the No Contact option. And while I still receive payment for these orders, I am unable to say ‘Thank You’ to any of these people – which makes me super sad!

Did you know that I send handstamped cards (and sometimes gifts) out to customers at the end of each month? I love making these cards, but can’t send you one if you select No Contact 🙁


When you sign up for a Stampin’ Up! online account there are two tick boxes at the bottom, they ask if Stampin’ Up! can let you know about offers and specials, and if you demonstrator (aka; me!) can contact you – You must tick the YES boxes!

Stampin' Up! UK No Contact ordering

You can change these settings later by logging into your Stampin’ Up! online account, and selecting ‘My Account’ in the top right. Then select ‘My Demonstrator’ and change the options to ‘YES! allow my demonstrator to contact me!’

By selecting to allow me to contact you, not only will you receive a handstamped card as a Thanks for each order, but you will also be signed up to my monthly newsletter

If you have ordered recently but haven’t received your card, please drop me a message and I will check the system for you

Thanks and hope everyone has a great weekend


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