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Joining Stampin' Up! UK Starter Kit

StampinByHannah Join Stampin’ Up! FAQ

Ok, so you are interested in joining my team and becoming a part of Stampin’ Up! I am sure you have heaps of questions (if not, follow THIS LINK to join right now!). You can also find out more about becoming a part of Stampin’ Up! over on my Joining Page.

How do I join Stampin’ Up!?

To join all you need to do is complete the Starter Kit Order Form over on my Stampin’ Up! Website. The first part of the form is called the Independent Demonstrator Agreement (or IDA) this sets out what Stampin’ Up! expect from us, and what you can expect from them. There are two parts and you MUST agree to both before the system will allow you to move on.

The form will then ask you to select your Starter Kit. There is only one option, so this is straight forward. There is then an option to use a Starter Kit Code, and then you must select the Business Supplies Pack. This pack includes catalogues, order forms, invitations and more!

You are then invited to select £130 worth of Stampin’ Up! products for you kit. Press the ‘ALL’ button to see everything in the catalogue! You are unable to choose more than £130 worth of supplies.

The form will then move on for you to input your shipping address and billing details. Once all this is complete… Congratulations you have becoming a Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator!

What is a ‘Starter Kit Code?’

Did you know that you can exchange your Stampin’ Rewards for a discount off your Starter Kit? Ok Hannah, what does that mean?

When you spend £150 (or more) you earn Stampin’ Rewards, if you spent exactly £150 you would receive £15 worth of Stampin’ Rewards. You can either choose to spend these Rewards on Hostess Exclusive Stamp sets or products from the Stampin’ Up! catalogue OR you can take this as a discount off your Starter Kit.

If you choose to put your Stampin’ Rewards towards the cost of your Starter Kit, the system will generate a code for you, which you need to input into the Starter Kit order form.

When completing your Starter Kit order, the system will ask if you have a Starter Kit Code. If not, you need to select ‘no’ and press Apply before you will be able to move on.

How much is the discount / Commission?

Initially, your discount will be 20% – and your commission the same – when you order via the dedicated Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator website, there is no thinking involved as Stampin’ Up! do all the maths for you. However as you sell (or buy) your commissions increase, and can be up to an extra 15%, and then if you decide to grow a team, there is money to be made there too!

What is the Quarterly Minimum?

The Quarterly Minimum is £270 of catalogue priced product (which you get 20% off of, so that figure becomes £225). That’s every 3 months, if you’re like me and don’t work on a 3 month budget (because why would you!) that is £75 per month, £37.50 a fornight, or £18.75 per week!  (I am sure you are spending more than that on crafty goodies already!)

Quarters run from January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December.

Your first quarter doesn’t end until the end of a full quarter ….. so, let me give you an example; you join on the 12th January, you are part way through a quarter (Stampin’ Up! give you this time to settle in) and so your first quarter doesn’t actually end until the end of June! Awesome!

What happens if I don’t meet my minimums?

Ok, so its the end of a quarter and the cat has been to the vet, the car failed its MOT and your children need school shoes, oh and you haven’t managed to make your Quarterly minimum…. don’t worry, Stampin’ Up! give you an extra month to make that amount up (they call it being in Pending, I’m not sure I like the phrase, but I’ll go along with it!). If you still don’t manage to make your minimum, nothing bad is going to happen, the Stampin’ Up! police aren’t going to come and take all your pretty supplies, you drop into being ‘inactive’. This means that you no longer get your 20% discount. However, you could re-join again the next day for just £99 and grabbing the Starter kit. But if you wish to change team, then you must wait 90 days.

Do my own purchases count towards my minimums?

Of course! Stampin’ Up! don’t mind who buys, whether is you, your mum, the neighbours, or someone else. They just look at the total amount!

What are the Terms and Conditions?

If I listed them here this blog post would be stupidly long, but you can find them HERE and I do suggest you give them a read!

I don’t want to do parties, or have a blog, or do videos. Can I still be a part of the team?

Of course, I would LOVE to have you on my team! That is one of the great things about Stampin’ Up! there is no obligation to do anything, you could grab the Starter kit, decide its not for you and never buy anything ever again (I don’t know why you would, but you could!), they don’t mind. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, of course, if you decide you want to make a business out of your hobby I will totally support you in that, but equally if this is your hobby and you want to keep it that why, I would love to see what you make!

I hope that this has answered any questions you have, if you have other questions, do give me a ring or email me (contact details are over on my Contact Me page)… I would LOVE to speak to you about joining my team of Stampin’ Friends!

Or, if you’re ready to join – CLICK HERE

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Joining Stampin' Up! UK Starter Kit

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