Origami Pen Holder using Designer Series Paper

StampinByHannah Origami Pen Holder using Designer Series Paper

I’m been on a storage kick recently… with my Embellishment holders, Divided Boxes and Memories and More Storage! And today that continues, with these fun Pen Holders made from a single piece of Designer Series Paper and no glue! How cool!

I found these during a Pinterest trawl, when I found THIS blog post from Gathering Beauty.

no glue Designer Series Paper box using Stampin' Up! products

These are super easy to put together, particularly if you use a thinner paper like these ones from the Tea Room Speciality Designer Series Paper pack, or the Frosted Florals from the upcoming Autumn Winter Catalogue.

The ones I’m sharing today use US Letter sized paper, 8-1/2 x 11″ but you can totally use A4 sized paper too, you just get a different sized box at the end! If you use A4 you end up with a more rectangular box, rather than these which are square. Either way though they are going to look fab on your desk holding pens, or on your bed side table holding a tiny plant…. what else could you use these for?


  1. Lay your paper in front of you, with the long edge at the top. Fold the paper in half and open it out again.
  2. Fold in both sides to meet the centre fold, and open back out again.
  3. Next, fold the paper back in half along the centre line and ensure that the folded edge is on the right.
  4. Fold the bottom right corner up to meet the centre line, creating a triangle. Repeat on the top right corner
  5. Take the top layer of paper on the left side, and fold the bottom left corner to meet the centre line to make a triangle. Repeat on the top left.
  6. Then, fold the bottom two triangle up, creating a crease at the along the bottom of the triangles. Repeat this on the top triangles. Open back out and rotate so that your paper now looks like the shape of a house.
  7. Fold the bottom flap up, so that the triangle meet.
  8. Lift this new layer to reveal a pocket. Then, continue to pull to form the back and 2 sides of your box. You might need to re-enforce your creases here to help form your box.
  9. Position your box with the back facing you. There should be 3 squares facing away from you.
  10. Take the right hand square and bring the two scored lines together to form a triangle. Repeat on the left.
  11. Tuck these triangles into the triangular pockets on the sides of your box.

How to make an origami pen pot using Stampin' Up! Designer Series Paper

Check out the video to see how quickly these come together.

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