It’s all getting a bit personal | Life Update!

StampinByHannah It’s all getting a bit personal | Life Update!


Hey! So, you might have noticed that there wasn’t a Make It Monday this morning… there should have been, but then, there have been a few weeks in the past month or so when there should have been videos and cards and projects, but I do have a pretty good reason for missing them.

I shared a little of what has been going on on my short Facebook Live yesterday…

So, firstly we have FINALLY reserved a house! Yes, we are actually going to move out of our lovely little flat that has been home for the past 6 years. This has been a LONG time coming, and while things can still go wrong we will hopefully be in our new house before Christmas. I am so excited! Not only will I get a kitchen on the ground floor with a dishwasher, a garden, and more than 1 loo…. I will also gain a brand new craft room all of my very own!

But then there is more!

Because this move has been pushed forward just a little bit, but the news that in May 2019 we will be a family of 3 rather than 2! 

This little bundle is the reason for my lack of posting recently. The nausea, combined with the tiredness means that crafting has been put on the back burner a little. However, I am starting to feel a little better (although every time I think this I start to feel sick again), and I did manage to craft yesterday… and I have a whole 9 days off work coming up too so I should be able to get some crafting done then too!

So, my schedule will be a little all over the place for a while, but I am hoping that after Christmas I’ll be able to get back into a more regular pattern.

In the mean time, my online store is always open

I’ve cancelled my Facebook Live video’s for the time being, however, there should still be some YouTube videos each week, emails and blog posts too!

See you soon


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Hannah McCurley

13 Replies to “It’s all getting a bit personal | Life Update!”

  1. Fantastic! You need to celebrate Thanksgiving with us Americans this year for sure! You have SO much to be thankful for this year! Wow! Congratulations on all the good things!

  2. Oh Hannah, this is the news the crafting community is sooooo happy to hear. Congratulations to you and your Husband and both families. Such beautiful news. And congrats on your new home too. So beautiful to hear. Warm Wishes: Mal, Melbourne, Australia

  3. Congratulations Hannah! It’s exciting setting up your new home and your new craft room … But big congratulations on your new creation. This is a special time. I am sure once you get past the nausea you will feel better. xx

  4. Congratulations Hannah! there will be big changes in the next few months then, but all good ones. Enjoy the ride. Hope your feeling better soon. xx

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