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There are so many accessories for stamping, I thought I would give you my top picks to get you started.

Stampin’ Blocks!

There are so many different blocks on the market and I will admit to having quite a collection, however, I only use a few. Last year before I became a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! I thought that a clear block was a clear block, that they are much of a muchness, and didn’t really matter. I was wrong! I now only use my Stampin’ Up! blocks, and not because I’m a demonstrator, but because they are the best!

There are several things I look for a in block, is it easy to hold? what about the weight? size? and durability. The blocks I use are available in a range of sizes, are a nice weight and are really durable, but the best thing about them is the hold. I’m sure you have a few blocks, and they are probably those nasty thin ones from the cheap section in the craft store?! I have some too, and why don’t I use them? because my fingers go over the edges and into the ink! I make enough of a messy without my blocks helping me out! Stampin’ Up! blocks feature a wonderful groove for your fingers to sit, keeping them out of the ink and helping prevent inky finger prints on your nice piece of Whisper White!


I know there is lots of buzz around the crafty world at the moment about stamp positioners, in particular a very expensive one from the States, and while I’m sure its great, as a beginner its is an unnecessary expense. I have a whole video on the stamp-a-ma-jig, and I love it! Its a great way of getting nicely straight sentiments and centred images, and its only £11!

Swatch Book

I posted a video on this recently too, my custom made swatch book. I have the PDF’s available on the coordinating blog post too. I use this all the time to match colours and choose colour combinations, and its a great tool for documenting your growing ink colour collection!

Stampin’ Scrub

This is probably the one tool I get asked about most at classes and events; my Stampin’ Scrub! I love this thing! It features two sides of of washable black fibre scrub pads that are the greatest things for cleaning those inky stamps! Use in combination with Stampin’ Mist to clean and condition your stamps after each use, less waste and hassle that baby wipes with no of the nasty residue. I wouldn’t be without mine!

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