A bit of a challenge…..

I don’t have a card for you today, I know, its really shocking isn’t it! but at a recent Stampin’ team training day I was asked to tell my stampin’ story! and I thought I probably should tell you to!

I have always been crafty, my mum always described me as ‘the artistic one’ but I’m not really sure that is particularly accurate, even after many many many hours of lessons I still can’t draw for example. But I have always done something creative; as a kid I loved painting (and actually still do when I get time) but I’m not very good at getting myself messy, I don’t like getting paint on my hands, and I’m still not keen on getting inky fingers! I have spent hours crocheting, knitting, and as I student I tried photography just to get some creativity in my life. I don’t think I’d survive without doing some form of creative escape-ism.

So, fast forward to 3 years ago, and I had moved out of home and in with my boyfriend (now husband) and we had no money, but I needed my creative fix. And I found Scrapbooking – which I still LOVE to this day! – and just had to have a go. I bought heaps of pretty paper, and card stock, and stickers, I shopped on the tele, I shopped from America, and I loved it. But I couldn’t find anyone else to share my hobby with. I turned to YouTube, and eventually found Stampin’ Up! (for the 3rd time, but that’s another story). I had turned to card making as a way of using up my scraps, but found that I loved cardmaking even more that I loved scrapbooking.

I quickly decided that I just HAD to join and be a part of this awesome community, something I hadn’t really found with Scrapbooking. And that’s where my journey took a turn I wasn’t expecting, you see, I have always struggled with anxiety but over the past 10 years my anxiety and panic attacks have been getting slowly worse (this is the point where I had a massive crying fit whilst telling this story at the event a few weeks ago!) but being a part of Stampin’ Up! now means more to me that playing with paper and ink and stamps (which I do really love) but it’s about the relationships I have with my fellow demonstrators and customers. It’s about a community, and friendships I would never have found if it wasn’t for stamping. I’m sure the ladies that came to my first ever class will remember me being incredibly nervous, and talking a whole load of rubbish (actually I’m not sure that has changed) but I LOVED that event, I LOVE sharing stamping with you all. But, I LOVE the fact that my anxiety is lessening, I haven’t had a panic attack in almost 6 months.

So, really this is just a little blog post to say Thank You, thanks to all my stamping friends, whether you’re a customer, a fellow demonstrator, or just someone visiting my little corner of the internet. Thanks!

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Hannah McCurley

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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